Green Sakthi Club

gsclub_planting2 gsclubplanting diana_trees


Green Sakthi Club, an educational program for school children focusing on:

  • litter awareness,
  • tree planting and watering in school grounds
  • visits to EXNORA, to learn about zero-waste management.


GSclub-pickup exnoraplastic_gsclub exnora_greensakthiclub


The Green Sakthi Club’s vegetable garden is a multi-disciplinary activity involving:

  • hands-on experience for students
  • theoretical learning about medicinal plants, composting and planting vegetables.
  • digital literacy through blogging.


vegiegarden_digging vg_digging-compost3 vg_digging


This Green Sakthi project also provides students with the opportunity to:

  • connect with other students globally through the Green Sakthi blog
  • communicate and raise environmental awareness through the vegetable garden
  • appreciate the time and effort in growing vegetables and food organically
  • share their understanding of the benefits of organic food based upon their experience in this program

Sarah MC visits us every year from France to work with the children at Green Sakthi Club

Here is a song she created with the Grade 2 students.  Video by Clement Gaumon. 2014